What is a Shaft Joint?

  The shaft is a transmission mechanism that transfers the movement power it receives from the engine to the differential. This mechanism, which was produced using steel as a material, is produced in a hollow form. It is ensured that the shaft is well balanced so that it is not affected by vibration and can resist central forces during high speed rotation. The joint refers to the mechanical part that connects the shaft to the gearbox and the differential. This part provides flexibility to the shaft during the use of the vehicle, and ensures that the power from the engine is transferred to the wheels. Shafts may show malfunction in some cases. One of the most obvious situations here is hearing abnormal sounds from the shaft. Vibrating sounds are felt during the movement with the vehicle, and a pulsing sound is heard during the vehicle's starting and braking. For this reason, support should be obtained from the technical service in such conditions. These are the faults seen